Vision in Leadership

The very notion of leadership implies that a leader can see further than those whom he leads. Many qualities are required for effective leadership - perhaps too numerous to name. The ability to think clearly, recognize truth wherever it manifests, to overcome fear, to have courage, compassion and wisdom, are all part of the mantle of leadership.

When fearful - we contract, both physically and mentally - becoming smaller in our thinking, and losing sight of the global perspective. Vision and inspiration are lost.

Courage can overcome fear, but is often just a temporary sticking plaster, whereas true insight and wisdom - a rich inner landscape of knowing- enables stability in a leader.

The two aspects of a person are sometimes described as the outer landscape of learning and doing, and the inner landscape of knowing.

This series of workshops addresses the question of how to fully engage with these 'landscapes', identifying the vital elements of the self, and becoming a leader of vision and inspiration.