Holistic Education

Workshops for professionals in the fields of education and personal growth.

For many inspired educators of today, the average education has a kind of 'spiritual poverty' - not in a religious sense - but in the sense of spirituality being the power and creativity of the human spirit.

Spiritual literacy is a basic literacy that enables us to understand certain life principles, such as the underlying unity, in all its forms, and that we each have a part to play in the unfolding quest for greater meaning.

Seeing ourselves as part of an evolutionary stream of human consciousness is also part of Holistic Education - and has us reach towards the highest aspirations of the human mind and heart.

I call it Lucid learning - seeing clearly what needs to be realized at each stage of our evolutionary journey - which equips us to live more consciously.

It is knowledge and understanding of our interconnectedness, our interdependence, our oneness, that I believe needs to be at the heart of education.

It enables us to learn how to establish 'right-relationship' between ourselves and others, between people and planet.