The Soul of Work - Retreats and seminars for professionals

As work is what we do, rather than who we are, just how fully does this outer activity reflect the dimensions of our inner life? Living and working a soul-centred life opens up the world of our potential.

An awakened person has far more to offer, in any and all areas of their life. In many occupations, they become forces for real and positive change.

These 'change-agents' may be the modern day alchemists, converting the various energies of commerce into a finer substance, which will stabilize and transform conditions on our planet.

How fully do we play our part in the complex matrix of this world, and how consciously do we embrace the daily gift of life?

The far-reaching landscape of the self awaits our exploration, however we're not inclined to start a journey if we believe we've already arrived.

There needs to be the sense that new horizons await us, deeper dimensions of mind and heart yet to awaken.

Where is the wellspring of our being? Journeying into silence is a pathway into spaciousness, where one can find the voice of the real self, the personal truth that needs expression in our 'real work'.

The challenge of living a valuable life is explored through dialogue, humour, meditation, contemplation and soul-centred practice.