Mediation and Conflict Transformation Services

The nature of conflict seems to be at the heart of the human journey.

If we reflect on the fact that each of us has a unique view, or 'window on the world', shaped and coloured by our life experience, emotional and psychological makeup, and many other subtle factors, it's no wonder conflict exists.

Seeking harmony through conflict is a familiar story.

The path of humanity's evolution has seen the footsteps, down through history, of our ancestors, great and good, cruel and weak, as they leave their legacy-planting their seeds of consciousness in the collective garden of humanity.

Added to this legacy is the present world situation, in all its complexity. And yet there is real depth and richness concealed at the heart of conflict, whether on a personal or global level.

 » Conflict offers opportunities for growth in ways that are initially unimaginable.
 » Conflict is a vital ingredient in transformation.

Gill Roslin Wright has worked in mediation and conflict transformation for over 20 years. Her work with faith-related issues is supported by a training with the Interfaith Seminary.