An esoteric perspective on human evolution - a course for professionals engaged in the fields of psychology, education and facilitation.

The basic principle of this approach to understanding human nature is rooted in the awareness of the seven great streams of energy, or fields of vibration that exist behind all that we experience as our existence.

It can be described as a journey into the Divine Mind, which could be visualized as the refraction of light through a spectrum - on a vast cosmic scale. The perspective, however, can be both personal, and cosmic.

Based on ancient wisdom teachings and metaphysical understanding of natural laws, it describes the cycles and rhythms, the ebb and flow of the cosmos.

Understood and applied on a personal level it is an inspiring and revealing window on the energies that colour the various aspects of our physical, emotional and soul life - providing remarkable insights into our responses and reactions to others, and to our life experiences. It also sheds light on our decisions, tendencies and metabolism.

The Seven Rays briefly described are:

 » The First Ray of Will and Power

 » The Second Ray of Love/Wisdom

 » The Third Ray of Active Intelligence

 » The Fourth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict

 » The Fifth Ray of Science and Concrete Knowledge

 » The Sixth Ray of Devotion

 » The Seventh Ray of Ceremony, Order and Ritual

It is important to note that the effects of the Rays are determined by how we receive them - this is further explored in the course.

This field of study in its broadest sense includes all the kingdoms of nature - ie the animal, mineral, plant and human, however, this particular course focuses on human development, and is known as Esoteric Psychology.

This is an illuminating study of life seen through the perspective of the Seven Rays. It can be life-changing, so fasten your seat-belts...