Gill Roslin Wright - Profile

Gill Wright has a background in Integrated Medicine, Mediation, Multi-Media, Holistic Education and Music.
She is also a graduate of the Interfaith Seminary.

Initiatives established since 1980:
 » The Health Partnership, a London based clinical/holistic treatment centre.
 » Global Vision Network Ltd, [GVN] a media company committed to highlighting global change issues.
 » United Pathways Foundation, an educational charity focussed on health/wellbeing, social change and holistic values.
 » International teaching programmes in Holistic thinking and metaphysics.

Film Documentaries (Executive Producer):
Life on Earth- A True Civilization, hosted by Sir Peter Ustinov: 1996 US SWF.
Guanajuato - The Hidden Heart: 1997 Economic Sustainability study in S-America.
The Club of Budapest - A profile: 1998
Science for the 21st Century: 1999/2000 - for UNESCO.
Beaulieu Abbey - 2004.
R-evolution - Documentary asking questions on human evolution- Created for World `Servers Foundation, Geneva. 2011

A Parliament of Science Interviews with scientists and leaders (co-editor), SUNY Press, 2002
Book to accompany the UNESCO film.