Metaphysical Perspectives On Conflict And Conflict Transformation

Through the window of Metaphysical understanding, there are forces that shape our Universe and serve the process of evolution, both on our planet and throughout Creation.

This viewpoint embraces the concept of humanity on a journey of awakening, to its full potential, both human and divine.

Amongst the vast range of forces, both known, and as yet unknown to mankind, are said to be the Seven Great Builders, or Seven Great Streams of force issuing from the Divine Mind. Biblical references call them the Seven Angels before the throne of God.

Metaphysical sources call them the Seven Rays, and suggest they are the initiating influences colouring the nature of our development, including the various expressions of religious convictions. Humanity is said to be evolving through a Fourth Ray experience of Harmony through Conflict'.

The workshop explores this perspective and its potential value at this point in human evolution. It calls for the awakening of the wise peacemaker within us all.